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We are not your everyday physiotherapists, at Premier Therapy we specialise in MMA and sports injuries.


You can rest assured that if you contact the clinic and say you have been injured due to a kimora or an armbar we will know exactly how the injury was caused and what treatmet to provide.


The director of Premier Therapy is a huge MMA fanatic to the point where she is now sponsoring 'Full contact Contender' and provides onsite treatment at MMA events', surely this shows dedication and commitment,


If our word is not enough please have a look at a few of the athletes and fighters who regularly use the expertise of Premier Therapy.

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A Kimura can cause serious injury if too much pressure is applied. The most common injuries sustained as a result of a kimura are elbow and shoulder injuries. If you did not 'tap' chances are you could have 1. Dislocated your shoulder 2. Torn your rotator cuff, or 3 sprained multiple ligments and tendons which requires treatment.

Immedicately after being caught in a kimura you must apply ice for at least 20 minutes.



If applied correctly can unfortunately result in a permanent injury due to hyperextension of the elbow joint. The resulting injury is likely to be 'golfers elbow' (pain on the  inside of the arm) or 'tennis elbow' (pain on the outside of the arm).

Ankle Lock:

The Ankle Lock can be a potent submission if applied correctly. It is more than likely that the injury caused will be to the achilles tendon. First thing to do after being caught in an ankle lock is ice, elevation, compression then rehabilitation.